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About Scuff n Die:

Scuff n Die was created in mind for the authentic sneaker head in 2020.  The inspiration and concept derived from an iconic moment in a movie called “Do The Right Thing” by director Spike Lee.

I received my first pair of Jordan 4’s in 1989. I did everything with those shoes, from trying to be “Like Mike” on the basketball court,  to skate boarding, tennis, soccer and running amuck on the school play ground. I fervently remember the scene in “Do The Right Thing” where Giancarlo Esposito’s character, Buggin Out, gets his brand New Cement White Jordan 4’s scuffed by iconic Boston Celtic fan, played by John Savage.

I recall that I felt as though that scuff had happened to my own Jordan 4’s! Ultimately I realized that there are other sneaker heads whom covet and respect these shoes as walking art, as a statement, whether you’re on a court or a field, or possibly on a crowded urban street. Style, art, and functionality. Scuff and Die is a blend of unique custom active streetwear, inspired by sneaker head culture and my experiences.

*This brand does not condone, support or promote violence. Just be careful, not sorry.

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